Monday, April 5, 2010

Quack, Quack

It was such a gorgeous day & the lighting was perfect, so we headed out to take a few pics in the bluebonnets. It was really so windy that I had a hard time getting any good shots and Lily was a little freaked out at the prospect of being put in a patch of bluebonnets. Oh well. We'll try again another day.

We did make it to the park to feed the ducks, though, and that was seriously fun. I've not taken the girls to feed the ducks in some time and for the life of me, I've not a clue why I've waited so long! Lily had the BEST time. Ducks are kinda her thing, and she was totally beside herself getting to feed those little guys.

It was a lovely day in so many ways, and I just felt so incredibly blessed to be enjoying this time with my sweet girls.