Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Scrappy

A few pages I thought I'd share....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Camille attended a little garden party a few weeks ago, and little did Daddy know how that would all pan out! Camille got to plant a few seeds and bring them home to care for. Her seeds grew into little plants, and we needed a place to put them. A couple weekends and a few trips to Home Depot later, and Brandon had built his little honey her very own garden patch!

It's the most perfect size for our yard. About 4x4' square and we've planted squash, beans, tomatoes, cilantro, basil, cucumbers, oh dear....just a whole mess of stuff!! It will be lots of fun watching our little garden grow!

Some Pages to Share :)

I've been scrapping a bit this weekend & thought I'd share a few LOs. Mom, we're gonna miss seeing you next week & hope that you're feeling better soon. Love you!!

This last LO is from our Family Movie Night this past Friday. Watching movies together is nothing new, but I've added some hype to the whole affair. We plan on having themed movie nights - and will have dinner, snacks, props, whatever to go along with that movie :) Some of my digi pals have been doing this and it looked like so much fun that we had to give it a whirl.

Our first FMN with Doctor Doolittle was a huge success. Since Dr.D can talk to animals, our edibles were animal themed (hot dogs, animal crackers, monkey's banana pudding). Okay, and I know the monkey looks like a bear. So what. Bears are animals, too, right? And, I'm pretty sure they like bananas. Camille had an absolute blast with our first FMN, and I can't wait until our next one!

A Swingin' Spring

I happened upon a super-fun contest over at Dad Blogs . It's the Dad Blogs Big Spring Contest. They are giving away an awesome swing set from Kids Creations.

What incredible fun that would be to win this awesome prize! Our sad little yard is in desperate need of some fun for our girls. Camille has long outgrown the little plastic climber/slide that we have and we had hoped to "upgrade" for her, but it just hasn't happened yet :)

I would love for our backyard to be a place for the girls to explore and have fun - together and with friends. We're gradually incorporating a bit of that. Today, Brandon and Camille finished up their garden patch - a little 4x4 plot where they planted the seedlings that Camille grew. I can't wait to see what things grow and to enjoy this little project with Camille.

Now, all we need is a big ol' awesome playset to make our backyard even more fun! **Can you tell that I'm hoping that we win the drawing?!?!**

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Learning is Yummy

I asked Camille recently what she'd like to learn about. Her reply was "college-ology" or something like that. Baffled, I asked her to describe what she was meaning. "You know, Mom. Like rocks and dirt and stuff." Ah, GEOLOGY!

So, off to the library we went. We grabbed a ton of books on rocks, the earth, minerals, etc.. and we've had a blast learning about our world! What incredible fun :)

Today, I surprised Camille with a little science lunch. We ate hard-boiled eggs which represented the earth. The shell was the earth's crust; the white was the mantle; the center was the core. We didn't eat the crust ;) She even winced and let out a big "OUCH! That's hot!!!" when she gobbled up the core! Too funny :) We also talked about the composition of the earth's surface - land & sea. Pickles and Berry Blue Kool-Aid were our props.

She doesn't know this, but tomorrow we're going to go mining. I've got chocolate chip cookies and I'm going to have her excavate the chips with a toothpick!

I just love these tangible discussions - I think learning is so much more fun when it's hands-on. I also love that with homeschooling, we're going to have more freedom in structuring our studies around Camille's interests. I would've never thought to develop a geology unit study for my 5 year old, but she showed an interest, and I'm able to go with her on that. Oh, what fun days lie ahead!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breakfast, anyone??

Oh. my. stars! I have found a new obsession! Felt play food! How crazy-cute is this?!? There are so many amazing food stuffs out there! I am loving creating a few for my sweet girls. The breakfast above is my first endeavor - - I'll be trying some more edibles soon, I'm sure!

I simply cannot wait until Lily and Camille are able to play kitchen & have tea parties together. On second thought, I guess I can wait, right? Don't want to rush my sweet baby into growing up too fast! But, I'm so looking forward to the fun times ahead - that sounds much better!

Just look at this YUMMY inspiration:

I think this one is going to be my next project:

All the fun and none of the calories!

I am totally diggin' those chips, cucumber & pickles! How cute?!?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Crafting & Thrifting - what else?

This morning, Camille and I hit the road to do a bit of garage sale-ing. We had SO much fun! I am really enjoying getting to spend a bit of one-on-one time with her, and she loves it too. Although, when it's just the two of us, she really misses Lily. This morning, she said, "Mom, I miss Lily. There's no one else to talk to but you." Thanks, honey! I do love that she and Lily are already so close! And....without further ado - - our scores!

From the left, kinda clockwise:
Mini wall pocket - $2 (euclyptus is going in the trash)
Set of 12 new Miss Spider's Sunny Patch books - $4
...sitting on top of two chapter books - 50 cents each
gymboree poppy bag 50 cents
two easel/plate stands - 50 cents each
usborne spanish flash cards - 50 cents
little ceramic stand - I'll use on a tablescape after I spray paint it 25 cents
perfection game - $1
little ladybug hair clippy *NEW* from a bowmaker having a garage sale - $2.50
Not pictured: several shorts for Camille (50 cents each), a couple outfits for Lily (50 cents each), a Polly Pocket house (50 cents), a witch costume (75 cents), and a little stuffed frog (free cause Camille is so darn sweet, people just want to give her stuff)
Seems like 50 cents was the price to be today. Like everything was 50 cents it seemed. I LOVE those easels. I've been needing a couple more. The gal at the garage sale had them out with two plates. The plates were NOT my style - like grapes & pears or something. She was selling them as a set and I negotiated with her for the easels alone - - and she only charged me 1.00 for the pair - SCORE!
We did have a near score - We passed by a sale and I saw that they had a globe there. I turned around, hoping it was one of those interactive LeapFrog globes (that would be SO perfect for school next year!). We parked, got out of the car, were almost to the table, when another lady swiped it up. Camille was heartbroken! She's been wanting one of those for awhile. So today she learned one of the hard parts about garage sale-ing: that someone else can get it first!
Hoppity Hop-Hop.....
I saw a little stuffed bunny garland at another blog last week, and about peed my pants! How stinkin' cute? What says Easter better than a bunch of cute bunnies all strung together? Well, the gal didn't have a pattern posted, but I thought I could figure it out. I made mine in patterns of pink & brown and I just love them!! They were totally fun to make & I even made Camille one to play with. You know, cause she needed another stuffed animal and all.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Garden Party

Camille was so very excited this morning for the Preschool Garden Party at church. She dressed herself before even coming into our room this morning and was all done up for her special day! She very thoughtfully dressed in a sequined heart shirt and a heart necklace, thrilled with her decision to dress showing "Fruit of the Spirit." You know...."love, joy & peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness & self-control." She was exhibiting LOVE. Um....later in the day, we had some issues with patience, kindness, self-control....but let's not go there ;)


In true April Fool's Day fashion, we had "Dirt Cake with Worms" at the Garden party! (Chocolate pudding, oreo crumbles & gummy worms!) Miss Kate served it out of a terracotta pot and it was just perfect! The kids loved it!

We planted seeds, made bluebonnet art and had a super-fun day! Thanks, Miss Kate, for another awesome party in ToTown!! We love you!