Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jesus the Chef

So, last night was Brandon's radio show night & that means that I do bedtime stories with Camille - usually it's Daddy's time with her. She picked out what she wanted to read - - her children's Bible. *awww*

We were reading about miracles - healing the blind, making the lame walk, and the miracle of the fish and loaves. We read that last one and Camille was a little confused. I started explaining about how he multiplied this small meal of fish & bread into one that would feed the many people there, like if he took her colby jack cheese, crackers, and juice and multiplied that into a meal that would feed every person in our church and then some.

She was starting to get just how awesome that was. So I said, "Jesus took the fish and the bread, and he made..." All of a sudden she shouted out, "Sandwiches!! Jesus made sandwiches, Mom. You know, like tuna fish sandwiches!"

Oh, dear. It would seem that Camille is not as excited about our Lord's provision as she is with his assumed sandwich-making skills! I was absolutely rolling!! It's just hilarious to me the things she comes up with! What joyful, blessed days we have!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lily's New Tooth

Okay, this really isn't a great video....I'm new at this whole thing, but I had to share a short clip w/ Mom. Hi, Mom!!

And One More Makes TWO!

Sweet Baby Lilikins got her second tooth today! YAY! The last few days had been so rough on her that I knew that tooth would be poking through any day. She's looking like such a big girl!

We're still working hard on getting her to go down at night. It's been so hard! She's quite the stubborn little thing, and we've had to resort to letting her cry it out. OHMYGOSH! This is the hardest thing - - especially with Little Miss Iron Will! She seemingly has no problem crying for 1 1/2 hours nightly. Naps are going well, and I pray that it's not much longer before she is soothing easier at night.

Speaking of my little love, she is calling me. She's squealing and grunting as if to say, "Get off the computer, woman! And, give me some lovin'!" so- - off I must go :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

I am a Bad Mommy, but a Rockin' Crafter!

What fun we had today - - it was a MOPS day & Camille and I both enjoyed ourselves hanging with our respective friends today. We donated some stuff to Goodwill (read cleared some more crap out of the garage) - - woo hoo!! Did a quick Dollar Tree trip (which resulted in some Valentine goodies & some new plastic trays for my bathroom drawer) - - YAY!

I got home & unloaded my crew and the spoils of my shopping venture from the car. After getting everyone and everything inside, I went to get Lily from her carrier. Funny, I thought....her straps are unbuckled. Hmm....when did I unbuckle her? Just now...nope. In the car...nope. Ah, it was all the way back at MOPS when I nursed her at 10:00 this morning!! EEEK! So, my poor child went from MOPS to car to Goodwill to Dollar Tree to car to home in her carrier UNBUCKLED!! I said a prayer right there thanking the good Lord for his infinite provision and made a quick promise to myself to be more careful about this next time! The coulda-beens just throw my brain for loops!

So...onto the craftiness! I scored this cute frame at a garage sale for 10 cents. See how it's missing a little something in the lower left corner? Likely an embellishment of some sort.

So, I took some ribbon from my stash, some vintage buttons (that came from my grandmother's old sewing things that she passed down to me), some embroidery floss (to thread the buttons because unthreaded buttons aren't cute), and my trusy hot glue gun.
A few minutes later, I had this adorable frame that will look oh-so-precious in Lil's room - all for 10 cents and some things I had on hand! Now, I just need to get a little picture of my darlin' in there!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do I *Really* Need a Onesie?

The mountains of baby clothes were slowly beginning to take over Lily's room. For some reason, I just didn't want to get rid of them! I mean, I think we're done having kiddos. Brandon's a little more sure than I am. I don't really need to keep all these clothes, but so many memories were attached to each little piece of clothing. The pink outfit that Camille wore when she first met my grandparents; the blue dress she wore at her dedication; the Carter's onesie set that Lily wore over and over again in her first month. Oh, can I just send these things down the river? Perhaps I think that by holding onto these things I keep a little piece of their infant days....I don't know. But seriously, do I really need a onesie?!?! How in the world can I keep *everything*??

I've done well and have already sent one box to consign at Wiggles & Giggles. I went in there the other day to take a bunch of maternity clothes and had this ridiculous sadness come over me when I saw my baby's stuff hanging on the racks. I actually took one thing off the rack and brought it back home! HA! I do have an excuse for that one though - - it was a Valentine's outfit of Camille's that she really wanted for "Curly" her teddy bear.

So, today I went through two boxes of things in preparation for consigning at a spring sale. I kept a few things back, though. I think I may make each girl a kind of crazy quilt using some of their more special outfits. I just can't get rid of all of these things - - not yet :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I've been busy!

Thought I'd share a few recent scrapbook pages :)

How you like them apples??
Lily has her first fruit! mmmm....apples!
Sweet Apples Kit by Kristin Aagard

Lily plays in sweet Kohen's gym - - new digs are fun!
New Years kit - Sweet Genevieve at Oscraps

My precious & beautiful Camille - how I love you!
First Kiss of Spring kit - SugarPlum Paperie @ The Digichick

Lily "finds" her legs! She has the best time checking out her chunky little legs!
Denim Gal kit by Mari K @ The Digichick

Thanks for looking!!

Hey Cheri! How's the scrapping coming along, my friend??
Can't wait to see some of your new LOs!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Lots to share....

Oh, the last week has been such a whirlwind! So much has happened!
Lily got her first tooth on December 23rd! Yay, Lil!

Christmas was fantastic! The girls had such a great time & enjoyed all their gifts. Even though the Lilster was sick, she still had a good time. She was especially fond of her Baby Elmo doll!

Camille's favorite toy was likely the VTech Learn to Write toy - - she's played with that thing non-stop. It's SO crazy-loud, though - - I'm not quite certain why toy manufacturers seek to deafen our children with these absurdly high volumes on toys! Perhaps they're in kahoots with the hearing aid folks. It's a conspiracy, I tell ya.

Okay, I digress...

On Christmas Eve, Lily's ear infection had returned with fever and the like, and so I took her to the NextCare urgent clinic. Started her on antibiotics and although she was feeling better, she broke out with a terrible rash a few days later. The pedi couldn't see her, and because her hands and feet were swelling, they asked me to take her to the urgent care center again. Well, the urgent care center doc wouldn't see her. Said I had to take her to the emergency center because of her age. Ugh.... So, a few hundred dollars later, we learned that she was either suffering from a viral infection or a reaction to the amoxicillin. Either way, we needed to give her Benadryl and just wait for it to clear up.
Our poor little honey looked SO bad! I'm posting pics so my mom can see - - apologies to anyone else for subjecting you to this ;)

Today was the Texas Tech / Ole Miss Cotton Bowl. Ya the end of a tiresome "vacation" week, Brandon was sure looking forward to a good game. It sure would've boosted his spirits to see his favorite team play a winning bowl game. Sadly, not in the cards :( Tech lost to those dang Rebels! Oh well, it was a great season, and we'll be looking forward to next year :)