Thursday, July 4, 2013

All About Learning Press giveaway

We love All About Spelling around here and I'm really looking forward to starting All About Reading with Lily in the fall!  I could definitely put $100 to use in our homeschool!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This month I hosted the font challenge over at Funky Playground Designs. The challenge was to use a newsprint-type font and to journal about "news." This LO took on a life of its own as I wrote about my friend's battle with cancer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Catching up with Camille

This silly girl has been keeping me in stitches & I realized that I needed to keep these funny things written down somewhere other than FB status updates. So, here goes :) Bear with me:

Today's "funny" from Camille: We're studying vision & optical illusions and looking at some books with images that appear to move. Her reaction: "It's like this book has got batteries or something! This is seriously blowing my mind!"

Camille's words of wisdom today: "Lily, do you know what your surprise is once you eat all of those jelly beans? Empty eggs and dirty teeth. Now let's go brush!!"
Reading excerpts from Tom Sawyer today & Camille tells me, "You know, Tom reminds me of Brer Rabbit. You know, but no Tar Baby." Love that girl! And, I'm LOVING Writing with Ease (hence the Tom Sawyer excerpt).
Doing housework with Camille this afternoon (earning her allowance) - and she tells me that she's not going to be wasting so much money on her kids. "I think I'll give them like a quarter a week. That should be good."
silly things from the girls this morning: Camille - "Yeah, stealing is really wrong. It's on the Top Ten Commandments!" Lily - (when asked if she was dancing like she had ants in her pants) "No ants. Have poo poo in pants."
Lily's first complete sentence today..."Wake up, Daddy!" Love it!
Camille's thoughts on Go Diego Go and his tampering with the food chain: "Diego does not rescue animals. He only makes them hungry."
Overheard while the girls were playing today - all Camille: "This was supposed to be a fun tea party, but it seems that it's turning into a monster bash." "Lily is not a very good hostess, Mom. She doesn't even ask what the guests want. She just throws some stuff on a plate and makes them take it."
Camille in response to a commercial we saw recently: "Burnt dinners for a whole year? That is definitely NOT the good stuff. This song is makes. no. sense!"
laughed so hard at my daughters today. We were driving down 35 with the windows down and sunroof open. Both were giggling and squealing, and Camille shouted, "We never have this kind of fun! This is awesome!!" Seriously. All it took was rolling down a couple of windows?? Christmas is going to be cheap this year ;)
me: I have a surprise for you. Camille: Is it edible? Me: Um, no. Camille: Man. I love edible surprises.
overheard Camille say to a friend while watching Franny's Feet on Sprout: "Every time she goes on an adventure, she talks to strangers! Now that's just crazy!" She's become quite the realist lately, and finds most children's cartoons absurd. (i.e. "If Dora would just quit all that talking and looking around at the camera maybe she could solve the problem herself. She's just wasting time!") LOL!
Had an awesome first day of school with Camille yesterday!! In science we're learning about living & non-living things and she informed me that we were living, pancakes were not. Plants are living, dead puppies are not. Um, okay. ;) Silly girl.
Camille: Next Christmas I'm going to ask Santa for a unicorn. Me: Oh yeah? What would you do with a unicorn? C: Keep it around for good luck & good dreams. Me: Well where would you keep it? C: In my closet. Me: But, wouldn't it poop. C: Mom, unicorns poop rainbows and butterflies. And it smells like flowers, so we'd let it poop all over the place. :giggle: So glad she's got it all figured out ;)
Reading a book tonight & there were pictures
of slugs on the page. Me: ICK! Camille: Mom, it's not a big deal.
It's just a slug, and a slug is just a homeless snail. (giggle!)
After spending some time reading a Gems & Minerals book, Camille tells us: "For the rest of my birthdays, you guys can just give me diamonds and crystals. And, Littlest Pet Shop....made out of diamonds and crystals." hee hee.....
Camille had me cracking up tonight while decorating cupcakes. Looking for music on XM Radio - "All they have is this Adult R&B. I'm really in the mood for the plain R&B." While listening to New Wave (The Cult) - "So, this is pretty much, um...terrible. Don't you think?"
Camille upon waking this morning: I am a stretchy earth fairy. Me: Well however did this happen? C: I ate a lot of gum, and I became very stretchy.
Just in case you were wondering. Camille plans on having four children: Pippy, Piper, Xavier and Amanda. So there you have it.
Reading Dr. Seuss' "The Thinks You Can Think" today. One little line read something like "Why do the Beft always walk to the left?" To which Camille responded - "Cause it rhymes, Mom. Cause it rhymes." LOL!
Lily's whining and fussing in the hallway. Camille brings her a pillow. "Would you like to cry somewhere a little more comfortable? How about a pillow?"
Camille: "Dad and I are going to the store to buy you a plant." Me: "We can all go together later if you guys would rather just hang out this morning." Camille: "Mom, you're not supposed to know what you're getting for Mother's Day." Me: "um...okay?!"
Camille, the little mama around here, just got out of bed to tell me that she was a little concerned about Lily's diaper rash, and that she needed to be sure that I had put some Dr. Smith's on Lily before bed. Bless her. She's such a good big sister! ♥
"I am saving these cough drop wrappers in a small box for the tooth fairy. I'm thinking she can use them as a parachute, a raft, or maybe a bit of shade. If we had some nails and some string, we might be able to make her a hammock."
"It's so hard to be a big girl. I've got this new haircut, and you guys say I look older, but it's still really hard to be a big girl." Camille, big girl, age 6
after being (playfully) bitten by a ferret tonight at the pet store, Camille tells us, "I need to go to a place that has no ferrets." "We're headed home," we tell her, "There are no ferrets at our house." "But, I need another world that is ferret-free! I think I might die in my sleep tonight. I really hope there are no ferrets in heaven." Drama! ;)
Tonight nearing the end of the BLORA light trail, the girls were
getting tired. Me, "Camille are you done with all of these lights?"
Camille, "Yeah, I am lit up!" LOL! We had fun and plan to make this
trip again next year!
I dropped the carseat in the driveway (what is it with me and the driveway?!), and said, "Oh, shoot." Camille says, "Ahem. Mom, that is a bad word. I have known this all my life."
12.16.09 we've been learning about "silent e." Last night I read a Christmas book that mentioned Chanukkah, and Camille corrected me - thinking I needed to pronounce the "ch." When I explained, she seemed shocked, "You mean there's a silent C?!"
Camille had her first complete freak-out "I want that" in the store today. *sigh* On the way home she said, "My life used to be so wonderful, and now it has turned into a storm!"
So, a little later, once she realized that she had really acted inappropriately, she told me, "If there was an award for the worst family member ever, they would give it to me."
DRAMA! (she cracks me up though - LOL!)

Camille: Mom, why don't we have any Christmas lights up outside? Me: Well, I guess cause we're a bunch of Grinches. Camille: That's not true, Mom. I think some people just have their Christmas spirit on the inside!
Camille at breakfast this morning: "Sometimes my stomach digests my food excitedly. This morning is one of those times." Yep, you gotta love grits!
*snort* - - and Camille says, "Why does your laugh sound like pudding glopping out of its bowl?" - - ahhh, I love that little monkey of mine....and snort, again.
Doing a little stranger safety lesson today. Camille's bits of wisdom that she shared with me: "We don't take candy from strangers because it might have germs!" and "Some strangers might try to do bad things to you, you know like take off your shoes and bite your toes! yikes!" LOL!
Camille: "Ouch!" Me: "Are your shoes giving you trouble?" Camille: "Yeah, Mom. I've got issues."
"Mom, why do they call it Toys R Us? Why R? Why not *are* - like you ARE the best mom ever?" hee hee....I love that sweet girl o' mine!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Love, love, love my keepers girls!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The one with the scrapbook pages

Here's a wee bit of what I've been working on...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We've been so busy lately. The last month has just flown by. I can't believe that Halloween is almost here! EEK! Literally....EEEK! I've been busy trying to get costumes taken care of and sewn, and I can't wait for the girls to be all dolled up come the 31st!

Here's a LO I made lately...and yes, you're reading that correctly. Halloween 2008, baby!! Lest you think I'm caught up on scrapping ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making a Splash

After spending much (ahem, just about all) of my free time recently on lesson planning for next year, I realized I really needed to catch up on some scrapbooking. This LO came together so quickly tonight - - I just love this kit! Much fun to work with :)

These pics were from our outing to Champion Park. One of the things on our summer to-do list was to visit a new park and we had a great time exploring this one! Definitely going to be a return visit for us!