Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making a Splash

After spending much (ahem, just about all) of my free time recently on lesson planning for next year, I realized I really needed to catch up on some scrapbooking. This LO came together so quickly tonight - - I just love this kit! Much fun to work with :)

These pics were from our outing to Champion Park. One of the things on our summer to-do list was to visit a new park and we had a great time exploring this one! Definitely going to be a return visit for us!

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House of Smith's said...

What an adorable blog :)
Thanks so much for sharing your comments with me on our blog about your daughter and her condition.
It really makes me feel good to know that I'm not the only one who feel scared/worried for their little babies when things aren't "perfect"... lol.
It's SO hard being a Mom, when you have to deal with not only the NORMAL day to day stuff... but crazy little bumps in the roads like these...
Guess that's part of the job, right! :)
Thanks for coming "out of hiding" to comment.
Means a lot :)
~Shelley Smith