Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Scrappy Fun!

I did another couple LOs - one I can't post just yet because products aren't being released until next week. Both are from our beach vacation last Spring. We just took a quick trip down to Galveston with Camille (and technically, with Lily!). It was perfect. We had a great condo. There weren't very many people at the beach and it really felt like our own little paradise. Just perfect!!

Camille loved "HER" room. I can't wait to go back again and have her and Lily share this awesome retreat!

Here's a LO of a fun party we went to a few weeks back at Build-a-Bear Workshop. March was a crazy-busy birthday month for us, and we attended atleast 4 parties! Lots of fun!

Another fun LO of my crazy girls. I love this latest trend - - sock eating. Lily's such a little lady!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back on a ROLL!

Brandon was dj-ing a party tonight, so that meant some scrapping time for me. So what if I slept on my should weird last night and I'm in a bit of pain, right? I've got some BioFreeze, advil, and I'm scrappin', goshdarnit!

Here's my first LO tonight :0) - - from Camille's birthday this year.

Another LO - this one from St. Patty's day:

Lily on St. Patrick's Day at Razzoo's (eating her first corndog!!). Thanks, Daddy ;)

This One's for Mom

The difficult thing about living far away from home (well, ONE of the many difficult things about living away) is that I can't show Mom all the fun things that I pick up at garage sales or score at Hobby Lobby. So....this post is for you, Mom! Here's a little sampling of the recent thrifty goodness that I've gotten!!


I got this great little basket for 50 cents; a wooden charger for another 50 cents; lots of great chapter books for Camille as well as some teaching resources for me - all 10 or 50 cents each; a Southern Livng at Home metal planter for $1; a SLAH cream plate for 50 cents; and two gorgeous glittery Easter bunnies for $2. woo hoo!! I picked up a few other little odds & ends, but these made it to the "photo shoot."


Cool candlestick thingies - $6.50 for the pair

Ginormous clock for $13 - the baby is there to make you oooh and ahhh and to show scale ;)

Finial thing for $2, the acorn thing I already had.
The carved circle thingy is about 15" and was just $5.
Not totally crazy about this arrangement, so don't judge....

working from the left....

Little bunny with some ivy on his back - $2 from Goodwill with a fresh coat of ivory spray paint. Bless his little bunny heart. He was the most ridiculous shade of brown when I brought him home.

The tall finial vase looking thing has a leather-like finish and was $2.

The cream & blue plate has a ruffled edge and was $1 at Goodwill.

And,'s a pic of those rockin' pillowcases I picked up at the thrift store.

A set of 2 for $3 - woo hoo!! These babies are destined to become dresses for my little lovelies.

Man! I've been having such fun finding some new treasures and fixing them up! I've got a few more projects up my sleeve that I'll share with you soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Swinger

Here's another LO from our park outing the other day. My scrapping roll kinda died down and I'm trying to kick it back up again :) More to come....

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Here's a little LO I did last night of Camille. I've been on a scrappin' roll lately!

This picture was from last weekend when we were getting ready for Amelia's Fancy Nancy party. I rolled her hair and then did it up - - so cute!! She was so excited to get all fancied up. Fancy pics to come - - I'm working on that LO today. I haven't found *just* the right kit to go with her super-fancy pics yet!

And, we also celebrated Aunt Lauren's 19th birthday last weekend. I'm telling ya, these last two weeks have been birthday crazy for us :) Two parties last weeekend, two this weekend, and Grandma's birthday next week! Lots of fun!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Am I Bothering You?

Last weekend, Brandon was hard at work doing his taxes. I, on the other hand, was playing around with the settings on my camera......and yes, bugging him! LOL! I was snapping pics of him while adjusting my settings - practice makes perfect, right? - well, I got this shot that I thought was pretty good. Naturally, I just had to scrap it :)

We watched Mary Poppins tonight and got pizza to-go. Oh, how I LOVE nights like this. Chillin' out at home, enjoying time with each other....even Lily snuggled up on the sofa with everyone. Absolutely perfect!

Lily, bless her, is teething and has been in so much pain. Her two top teeth are coming in (little hints of white peeking through) and she's got swollen gums on the bottom as well. OUCH! I pray that these teeth come on in quickly. I just hate seeing her uncomfortable.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

With All My Heart

another fun LO from our park outing :)

Things to Share

We've been busy here in the Couch house - lotsa projects, birthday parties, and general merriment! We knew the cold weather was to be hitting us soon, so we headed to the park a few days ago to have some fun before the rain & cold came. It was fun going all together :) We love it when Daddy can get out of the office and have some fun with us!

I made this cutie-cute little Saint Patty's day decoration. It's really the only green thing I've got up. I had thought about decorating for Saint Patrick's day, but it just didn't happen. I'm too ready for Easter & Spring anyway to spend too much time fussing about on this little holiday. Oh well.....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cora Paige!

Today would have been Cora's first birthday. She is spending it in heaven, her parents are spending it at a gravesite. I don't understand how the Lord works, and although there have been many God-breathed occurences throughout this journey for the McClenahans, I still don't totally get it. Perhaps we're not supposed to totally "get" these things, but instead have faith and hope in His perfect plan. How I ache for them though.

Today, the family had plans to visit Cora's gravesite and release pink balloons for her. All over the place, other families were going to do the same. Camille and I had talked about doing this sometime today - and can I just brag on my girl for a minute? When she finished up at the dentist and they offered her a balloon, she told the assistant about Cora and asked for a pink balloon. Of course, the gal gave her two - one for Camille & one for Cora. We knelt and prayed right outside the dentist's office and sent a balloon up to Heaven for Cora. Camille seems to think that God is going to catch it for her :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Crafty, Crafty....

Phew! I finally got all the shirts I made this weekend listed on etsy for the Cora Paige benefit :)

Camille was a little disappointed that I only had FIVE to sell. Yeah, I'm such a slacker. Truth be told, I did make seven shirts - but that included one for each of the girls.

Now, click on my little etsy banner thingy on the side and have a look-see!