Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something Fishy

Just back from vacation, I'm finally going through our pictures from the trip and wanted to share a few. Our visit to the Georgia Aquarium was actually one of the last things we did, but we had so much fun - and I didn't think anyone would protest the lack of chronologicality. Yes, I made that word up. And do forgive the photo quality - - I ended up taking my P&S camera with me and leaving my SLR at home.

Can I first just say that we loved the Georgia Aquarium. It's fab - - and the largest in the world. Being there made me miss Atlanta so much. So much to do, so much energy in the city....oh, I really do miss home.

One of the first things we saw were these amazing jellyfish. They were stunning! The girls were mesmerized immediately!

The next exhibit was super-awesome. We got to walk through a winding tunnel in this large tank. The sharks were amazing. The hammerheads darted back and forth and sometimes looked as if they were coming right for us.

And swimming right above us....this scary fellow! Check out those teeth!

Surely the most spectacular thing in all the aquarium was the wonder that Lily had upon seeing all those fish. It was incredible. I had not expected her to be so captivated by the fish, and I just enjoyed so much watching her.

We loved the grouper. They were seriously huge! (and, yummy if you must know)

To put that delicious, er, I mean, impressive guy in perspective, just check him out swimming above Brandon and the girls :) eek!

After our visit, the girls were completely exhausted. We headed from the Aquarium to search out a place for dinner. Something local & unique. As it turns out, several of my old favorites were not where they used to be.....alot changes in 10 years, I guess.

Because the girls had quickly fallen asleep in the car, we opted to drive around some of my old neighborhoods instead. It was so great - reminiscing, seeing how things had changed. Atlanta really is such a beautiful city. Brandon remarked that if he had to live in a big city, Atlanta would be it. Hmmm.....I think I'm gonna hold him to that ;)


Mommyto3K's said...

Welcome home!! Glad you hear that you had so much fun on your time. What a great aquarium. How fun.

Andrea* said...

Wow, great aquarium pics! Looks like fun was had by all! And NICE room update as well!

Sharyn said...

We visited Atlanta in 2007 and really enjoyed it too. Shame we didn't get to the aquairum, your pics look awesome.

Nicole Seitler said...

Mmm! Grouper! The only fish I'll eat. LOL! :D

Kelleigh said...

My son STILL remembers the time we walked through the tunnel at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. What a great memory!

LuAnn said...

wow...that jellyfish photo is awesome!! looks like you guys had a great time!

Holly said...

Wow, that jellyfish is amazing! I'm mesmerised just by the photo! :O

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

We love Atlanta, but haven't been there in years. There is sooooo much to do and so many fun things.