Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jesus the Chef

So, last night was Brandon's radio show night & that means that I do bedtime stories with Camille - usually it's Daddy's time with her. She picked out what she wanted to read - - her children's Bible. *awww*

We were reading about miracles - healing the blind, making the lame walk, and the miracle of the fish and loaves. We read that last one and Camille was a little confused. I started explaining about how he multiplied this small meal of fish & bread into one that would feed the many people there, like if he took her colby jack cheese, crackers, and juice and multiplied that into a meal that would feed every person in our church and then some.

She was starting to get just how awesome that was. So I said, "Jesus took the fish and the bread, and he made..." All of a sudden she shouted out, "Sandwiches!! Jesus made sandwiches, Mom. You know, like tuna fish sandwiches!"

Oh, dear. It would seem that Camille is not as excited about our Lord's provision as she is with his assumed sandwich-making skills! I was absolutely rolling!! It's just hilarious to me the things she comes up with! What joyful, blessed days we have!