Friday, January 9, 2009

I am a Bad Mommy, but a Rockin' Crafter!

What fun we had today - - it was a MOPS day & Camille and I both enjoyed ourselves hanging with our respective friends today. We donated some stuff to Goodwill (read cleared some more crap out of the garage) - - woo hoo!! Did a quick Dollar Tree trip (which resulted in some Valentine goodies & some new plastic trays for my bathroom drawer) - - YAY!

I got home & unloaded my crew and the spoils of my shopping venture from the car. After getting everyone and everything inside, I went to get Lily from her carrier. Funny, I thought....her straps are unbuckled. Hmm....when did I unbuckle her? Just now...nope. In the car...nope. Ah, it was all the way back at MOPS when I nursed her at 10:00 this morning!! EEEK! So, my poor child went from MOPS to car to Goodwill to Dollar Tree to car to home in her carrier UNBUCKLED!! I said a prayer right there thanking the good Lord for his infinite provision and made a quick promise to myself to be more careful about this next time! The coulda-beens just throw my brain for loops!

So...onto the craftiness! I scored this cute frame at a garage sale for 10 cents. See how it's missing a little something in the lower left corner? Likely an embellishment of some sort.

So, I took some ribbon from my stash, some vintage buttons (that came from my grandmother's old sewing things that she passed down to me), some embroidery floss (to thread the buttons because unthreaded buttons aren't cute), and my trusy hot glue gun.
A few minutes later, I had this adorable frame that will look oh-so-precious in Lil's room - all for 10 cents and some things I had on hand! Now, I just need to get a little picture of my darlin' in there!

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HornFamily said...

christine I did the same thing last week... I went from home to ross to a restaurant in central Austin where I finally noticed that he only looked buckeled in on the top the actual safe part was not buckeled! I am a bad mommy too...