Monday, January 12, 2009

And One More Makes TWO!

Sweet Baby Lilikins got her second tooth today! YAY! The last few days had been so rough on her that I knew that tooth would be poking through any day. She's looking like such a big girl!

We're still working hard on getting her to go down at night. It's been so hard! She's quite the stubborn little thing, and we've had to resort to letting her cry it out. OHMYGOSH! This is the hardest thing - - especially with Little Miss Iron Will! She seemingly has no problem crying for 1 1/2 hours nightly. Naps are going well, and I pray that it's not much longer before she is soothing easier at night.

Speaking of my little love, she is calling me. She's squealing and grunting as if to say, "Get off the computer, woman! And, give me some lovin'!" so- - off I must go :)

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