Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Swingin' Spring

I happened upon a super-fun contest over at Dad Blogs . It's the Dad Blogs Big Spring Contest. They are giving away an awesome swing set from Kids Creations.

What incredible fun that would be to win this awesome prize! Our sad little yard is in desperate need of some fun for our girls. Camille has long outgrown the little plastic climber/slide that we have and we had hoped to "upgrade" for her, but it just hasn't happened yet :)

I would love for our backyard to be a place for the girls to explore and have fun - together and with friends. We're gradually incorporating a bit of that. Today, Brandon and Camille finished up their garden patch - a little 4x4 plot where they planted the seedlings that Camille grew. I can't wait to see what things grow and to enjoy this little project with Camille.

Now, all we need is a big ol' awesome playset to make our backyard even more fun! **Can you tell that I'm hoping that we win the drawing?!?!**


BESS said...

I just can't believe how little lil is growing. My leg will have to get better so I can chase those sweet girls around.

BESS said...

Okay, joined the Dad Blog and added it to my blog. We will cross our fingers.