Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breakfast, anyone??

Oh. my. stars! I have found a new obsession! Felt play food! How crazy-cute is this?!? There are so many amazing food stuffs out there! I am loving creating a few for my sweet girls. The breakfast above is my first endeavor - - I'll be trying some more edibles soon, I'm sure!

I simply cannot wait until Lily and Camille are able to play kitchen & have tea parties together. On second thought, I guess I can wait, right? Don't want to rush my sweet baby into growing up too fast! But, I'm so looking forward to the fun times ahead - that sounds much better!

Just look at this YUMMY inspiration:

I think this one is going to be my next project:

All the fun and none of the calories!

I am totally diggin' those chips, cucumber & pickles! How cute?!?


Mommyto3K's said...

How adorable!!! The girls are going to have oodles of fun playing with those.

The Davis Rodeo said...

Those are awesome! I know my Leslie would love 'em too! I am going to "try" to see if I can make the time to create some as well. I love them! Thanks for sharing. BYW what a cute gift for some cute little girl that has everything-hence the Thompson's. hee hee love ya cheri!