Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Her Best Mom Ever.

This post is a wee bit belated, but no less well-intentioned.... This pic is of the girls and me on Mother's day morning. So stinkin' cute :) And, yes, Camille frequently tells me that I'm her best mom ever. Being her only mom ever, I guess this makes me both the best and the worst.

Having been shopping earlier in the week with Brandon, Camille was insanely excited for Sunday to roll around. She kept dropping hints all week long and trying her bestest to get me to play a Mother's Day guessing game with her. She needs to work just a bit on her clue-forming skills as to leave just a bit of suspense in the game. Case in point:

Camille: Mom, when you go in the office, you're going to smell your wonderful present from me.
Me: Oh that sounds delightful, honey! I can hardly wait.
Camille: Don't you want to guess what it is? I'll give you a hint. It smells good.
Me: Then it must be perfume!
Camille: No, not perfume. But, it smells good and when you burn it, it will melt.

Just in case my deductive reasoning skills weren't completely in check with that little tidbit, Camille helped me along just a bit more by proudly announcing "We got your gift from there!" when we passed by Yankee Candle. Oh, the little darling! ;)

Another thing that's been totally getting me about Camille is her card-selecting skills. She is absolutely adamant about choosing her own for me. Now, she can read the cards just fine, but she doesn't always "get" the humor in some of them. This year, my card read something like:
"You're such a great Mom. You deserve so much more that just a card for Mother's Day!"
and inside: "So, I'm going to get you a card for your birthday as well." hee hee....

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