Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cranky Toddler

Phew! - What a long day it's been already (and it's just 4:00 now!). Camille seemed to want to push every last button of mine today. From darting out in the parking lot at Ikea, to running away from me inside the store, and just all-around general crankiness at the grocery store. We came home and I was SO looking forward to some peace & quiet, but my little one was not about to take a nap. Why is that?? She's tired, it's naptime and she simply won't go to sleep. If I lay down with her, she'll go right to sleep. I know she needs the rest cause if she doesn't get a nap, she's a complete bear in the evenings. Okay, enough nap-gab. To make a long story short, I snuggled up with her on the guest bedroom bed, we both got a good nap and everything should be coming up roses - ha!

I have a fun little announcement to share:

I've just recently seen Nancy's designs and just *LOVE* them! What great fun being on her team is going to be!!

Okay, chickies, I'm off to figure out what to make for dinner :) Have a great one!

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