Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Advent Fun

Geez, I totally forgot to update all the fun goings-on with our advent calendar in the last week or so! Here's what we were up to in the days preceding Christmas:

17) A visit to Santa! - Kind of a big ol' phooey on them though. Santa's elves and the powers that be decided that no more personal cameras were allowed and the only photo option was the terrible pics that they end up taking. So, we bought a 5x7 that I've yet to scan in & talked the head elf into letting me take a quick pic of Camille with Santa.

Santa & Camille

18) Today's little box was stuffed full of red, white & green pom poms. We made a super-cute pom pom garland decoration. Brandon thinks it looks a little like something you might find in Whoville. Oh well, Mr. Grinch....we love our crafty creation!

19) Did you know that a Littlest Pet Shop pet fits perfectly inside our advent boxes?!!? Camille got a cute little panda inside today's box!

20) Because she had been totally wanting a nutcracker this Christmas, I stuck a paint-your-own nutcracker in today's box. We had lots of fun painting this cute guy!

21) Today we made an adorable reindeer purse. I use the term "we" a little loosely. I did all the stitching while Camille played around, and then she glued on the felt pieces for Rudolph's face, ears, etc. We stuffed him silly with yummy candies and whatnot!

22) Today we finished up our Christmas ornaments that we would be giving away. Not going to post any pics of those just yet - - I don't want to ruin the surprise for a certain "mountain gal."

23) Camille followed a trail of yummy candy to the cookie jar where she found a package of Chewy Sweetarts. A tasty little treat & a welcome day off from crafting for Mom! LOL!

24) It's time to get our reindeer food & Santa's cookies ready cause Santa Claus comes tonight!!

25) Christmas joy & mahem :)

Phew!! What a ton of fun we had this year with the advent calendar. It's kinda sad that it's over and nothing to count down for! I think that we might have to do a bit of a birthday countdown for Camille in January perhaps. Here's a little LO I made to highlight this new tradition for our family:

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Mommyto3K's said...

Thanks for sharing your Advent adventure with us. I can not wait to start this tradition with our kids next year. As always, love the new lo.