Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching up....

Well, that's a little misleading. I'm not gonna catch up, cause honestly, so much has gone on since my last post. We're busy, busy, busy and so it's likely best if I just jump right in where we are today!

Last night, was super-fun at the Couch house. Our little ScoobyDoo fan has been anxiously awaiting the new ScoobyDoo movie which premiered on Cartoon Network last night. We made a whole "movie night" of it, and even had bone shaped sugar cookies. YUM!

During the movie, Camille was wiggling her loose tooth to the point that it was *almost* ready to come out. She was so scared that it was going to hurt, and she cried and freaked out a little bit. We offered to pull it for her, but she ran away to the upstairs bathroom and yanked that little thing out herself! She's now lost 2 teeth - - both bottom middle. She's the cutest little thing with that little gap in her teeth ♥

Several people have asked about what we're doing with homeschooling, and so I thought it might be fun to share what we're doing each day with this new unit that we started today. I'm going to try and post each day for the next two weeks and share our unit study with you!

Monday (Day 1):
- Calendar work/ 100s chart
- We begin our day with Prayer & Bible lesson
- Math
- KWL - what we know, want to know....and later what we learned about PIGS
- Read "All Pigs are Beautiful" and "Who am I?" books on pigs
- Added a fact book on pigs to our PIG lapbook
- Short science lesson on solubility with oil & water - experiment w/ oil, water & sugar
- Practiced drawing a pig with pencil & paper, then we drew a pig with oil pastels and completed the project with watercolors - discussing the insolubility of the oil pastel and the "relief" when painted over.

**done for the day**

But the learning didn't stop there- -
- Before lunch, Camille caught & played with 22 tiny snails in the backyard. We talked about their bodies and what type of habitat they needed (and that they would, in fact, die if she put them in the pool). {science, math}

- She also picked some veggies from the garden :)
- After lunch, we found a lizard in the backyard that had fallen in the pool. We caught him(or her) and put him in the habitat that we have. We observed the lizard for awhile and Camille did an entry about him in her nature journal. {more science, art, narration}

- Mommy got to do some crafting - - project to be revealed later {sanity}

- This was all before 2:30, so there's no telling what the rest of the day will bring. Right now, both the girls are having rest time. {peace, quiet, JOY!}


Mommyto3K's said...

What an awesomely fun day!!

Beth said...

Going to love watching you do Kdgn....we didn't start until homeschooling until 2nd and 4th grade! It was fun seeing you tonight. Hug Lily for me.