Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets

So Camille has been talking non-stop about this toy that she's been seeing commercials for. It always happens that I'm never in the room when the stinkin' commercial comes on, and of course, she *has* to have one of these things. So yesterday, I was getting out of the shower and she yells that THE commercial is on. I come to check it out, but it's ended. Travesty of all travesties.

So, I ask her if she remembered what the little thing was called. zoom zoom, or something? She couldn't quite remember. I asked if she could remember how it was spelled. Bad mommy for making such a terrible inquiry. She was completely beside herself. Not knowing the name of the blessed toy and certainly not knowing how to spell it. Precious Lord, help us.

So, being the computer savvy gal that I am....I googled it ;) zoom zoom - - was a loose translation of Zhu Zhu. Apparently these little robot hamsters are the next Cabbage Patch Kids. They're cheap, they don't poop....I'm game. And, why am I telling you all this you might ask?!?
Cause I'm entering a drawing here: Maybe you'd want to check it out to. And, just so we're understood - if you win, I get your hamster. It's really only fair cause you wouldn't have known about the contest if it weren't for me ;) LOL!

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BESS said...

Okay, I have entered the contest! Mr. Don will enter tonight. Whatever will we do with our new pet???