Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This Little Piggy

Tuesday (Day 2):
- Calendar/ 100s chart
- Prayer/ Bible lesson
- Math
- We sang this fun little song to Lily who giggled and laughed the whole time.
- Read aloud: PIGS - Camille read this easy book to me - - we discussed more about pigs.

- Rhyming words - What Rhymes with PIG? (handwriting, spelling)
- Pig Sayings - We talked about different phrases and their meanings, i.e. "hog heaven," "happy as a pig," "going hog wild,"etc..
- A Happy Pig Rests - learning percentages & graphing. Did you know that pigs rest about 82% of the time?
- virtual farm tour @ http://www.pork4kids.com
- painting with "mud" - - chocolate pudding finger paint (art)

This was pretty funny, actually. I had Camille sit at the table with her eyes closed as I brought her "mud" to her. When she opened her eyes and saw pudding there, she could hardly believe it. She sort of looked at me in disbelief, then dug in. The pudding was cold at first, but she didn't let that stop her! This was so much fun :)

While my little piglet was busy in the mud, I finished up my Fall banner and hung it and then put some more decorations out. Oh, I seriously LOVE fall & am so ready for it to get cooler!!

Camille was pretty hyped up on chocolate pudding, but it wasn't quite time for Lily to get up from nap, so we headed outside with our nature journal and colored pencils to see what we could see. There are some eensy, tiny mushrooms that have sprouted up in the front garden bed, so we had a little impromptu fungi lesson. I had Camille sketch those and we observed them at their different stages which was really quite cool! Kudos to http://www.weirdunsocializedhomeschoolers.com for the inspiration!

Of course, in our garden observation, we found snails (which Camille excitedly put into families again) and a little lizard. Strange, but the lizard didn't hold much fascination as the snails are really prime targets these days! -- And, I got a fair amount of weed-pulling done during this study and got to spend some awesome time talking to my girl.

Once Lily woke, we ate lunch, hit the library - where Camille proudly told the librarian that she was learning about pigs - and visited the thrift store. I scored some awesome finds that I've already begun spray painting. More to come.....

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