Friday, September 25, 2009

This Little Piggy

Okay, so my plans for posting each day through our unit study didn't exactly happen. Eh, that's alright! We've been busy learning & having time to blog :) That's my story & I'm sticking to it! So, let's catch up on what we've been going hog-wild about (ay! I kill me).

(And, I'm omitting all things non-swine in this run-down. We do math, bible study & calendar time every day, no need to tell you that again...)

Thursday the 17th
- We read The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. LOVE that book :) It was lots of fun talking about point of view and character with this vs. the original three little pigs.
Product Details
- We finished building our houses. SO fun!! We had a house of straw, a house of sticks, and one of bricks. These were made with boxes and were super easy to do. Here's a little scrapbook page of our fun:

Friday, September 18th
- It was a co-op day, but in the evening we had a pig-themed movie night. We watched Charlotte's Web (the cartoon version), and had pigs in blankets, pretzels, and pears for dinner. For dessert, I made pig-cakes:

We loved these so much, that they'll be making another appearance later in our pig study :)

Monday, September 21
- We read one of our favorite pig books (and a newer one):

Product DetailsProduct Details

These are SO much fun! Of course, we talked all about cause & effect, and real vs. pretend, and we absolutely ate pancakes!!
- Lots of fun online games & coloring activities at
- Our art project today (and science lesson) was a little tie in with cause & effect and the 3 Little Pigs. We did some huffing & puffing (with straws) and created "blow" art.

Tuesday, September 22nd:
- We reread discussed the Five Senses and then re-read If You Give a Pig a Pancake. I gave Camille Sense cards (with silly little illustrations for each of the five senses). As we came to each new thing that the mischievous little pig did, Camille held up card(s) that each thing represented. Clear as mud? It was lots of fun.
- Today, was lots of math, and lots of reading. We read several books, did lots of counting & figuring and played with money. I *love* play money and have an awesome set that I just love! It was definitely worth the extra $$ for the super-cool play money set!

Cash Pax Money Briefcase Set with Activity Book
Cash Pax Money Briefcase Set

Wednesday, September 23rd:
- Today we read, read, and read some more.
- We discussed how in literature, animals are often given real-life characteristics. As we read stories of "messy" pigs or "dumb, lazy" hogs, we noted how these characters were alike or differed from the real animals. It was interesting how many of the pig stereotypes (i.e. messiness) were used so often, although we learned that pigs are actually pretty clean animals.
A couple of our faves from today:

Product Details Thursday, September 24th:
- We read lots of books on manners & did some fun games with manners.
- Then, we hosted a "Perfectly Posh Pink Pig Party!" with 7 of Camille's little friends! It was so much fun :) Our pigcakes made another appearance & the party was a blast :)

What a fun way to end our unit on PIGS! To be honest, there are a few things that I'm going to wrap up next week, and I still have a video of our production of The Three Little Pigs to post, and we'll be heading to a farm next month to check out some pigs in person....but for the most part, this pig is cooked!

Thanks for following along :)

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