Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get out there and GO SHOPPING!!

I have been blogging lately about Cora Paige, the precious little girl who recently lost her battle with cancer. I have been so moved by her story and by her parents' faith and have joined the etsy community to craft for Cora!! Even Camille has gotten involved!!

I've already sold several things and I just listed a few more! I am so excited to be crafting and donating to this awesome cause & can't wait to see how much money is raised for Cora's Playground - a memorial to that sweet little baby!

Here are some things we've made & you can check me out at

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Elizabeth said...

OKAY!!! I'm in love with Camille's note cards. Now I want to write everyone I know to show them off. I bet I know what I will be getting for Mother's Day.