Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh I Could Totally Do That

Yes, I've said it many times. In the midst of awesome craftiness, with the effort to save money, because I take off more than I can chew.....I seem to have the belief that I can do anything ;) Rather than buy a handmade something (candle, soap, earrings, canvas painting, whatever) or a pricey something (custom curtains, personalized outfits for the girls, high-end stuff), I usually just marvel to myself how completely capable I am of doing that myself.

I do kinda love that about me. (Note to self: Could that same optimism please make its way over to the losing weight areas of my psyche?!?!)

Well, yesterday, I just had to chuckle at myself. Brandon has been cutting his hair in a buzz-cut or whatever you call it. Just a No. 2 blade on the shaver all over. I kinda wanted him to have like messy-boy hair. I'm certain this is what Paul Mitchell calls it. Messy boy hair. He had been growing it out a bit and finally got on me to do something with his hair this weekend.

So.....a few YouTube videos later. Yes, YouTube. I watched some hairstyling tutorials! Oh the internet is a marvelous thing! Anyway, I managed to cut his hair into what I think is a pretty darn good style. It was pretty stress-free. If I absolutely wrecked his head, we could always just shave it all off as he had been doing, and no harm. So, I got to play barbershop with him, and my Valentine is looking pretty good! Proof? You want pics? Yeah, I didn't take any of those unfortunately. (bad blogger)

Happy Sunday! Enjoy your sweet families and Praise God for the many blessings in your lives. I am grieving today with the McClenahans. Sweet Cora went to heaven one week ago today. Pray for this precious family.

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Amy said...

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, and thank you for continuing to pray for my friends. I really am amazed at the number of people her story has reached.

By the way, your girls are adorable!