Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Party Girl

Camille has been spreading the love all around and has had two Valentine parties in the last two days. The weird thing is - - she went by herself to both of these parties! Sadly, I have no pictures of all the shin-digs (although Kate & Cheri should have those coming). Since Baby Lil's been sick, Camille rode along with friends to both the ToT Town bash and the Valentine Party at the Thompsons'. I know she had a great time!!

It was a wee bit strange though, sending my gal off to have fun on her own. I missed getting to see her enjoy herself. But, I must was lovely to spend the afternoon having some very rare time alone.

I've been blogging about Baby Cora and how her story moved me. I cannot get that precious child nor her grieving parents out of my mind. There is a group of Etsy-ians pulling together to craft for Cora - - donating their proceeds to Cora's Playground.

Click here to check out current offerings on Etsy - - but check back come Monday when most gals will begin their sales.

I am hoping to take part in this effort and make some things this weekend to help raise some money for this awesome cause!

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